Who’s Home? Scrapbooking for Safety

What happens when you come home from work in the evening, go in the door, and things just don't look right?  Worse, what if you come home, and your front door is standing wide open, but you know for certain sure you closed it when you left?

How do you discreetly know if a family member is home or if there has been (or is!) an intruder?

A friend of mine tells of the time that he came home and things didn't look right.  So, he did what a responsible adult does, he pulled out his firearm and very quietly did a sweep check of the house.  All was well until he threw open a bathroom door to discover his adult daughter taking care of business — good thing she was on the toilet because it scared the crap out of her…and mortified him!  (She had walked to her parents' house after her car broke down.)

After this incident, my friend determined that they needed some type of sign-in sheet…that wasn't obvious as a sign-in sheet.  His wife and daughter were avid scrapbookers, so they developed a solution.  To the casual observer, it just looked like a family board, but in reality, it was the means by which family members could tell, at a glance, who was home.  What his wife did was put together a pushpin scrapbook board that had all the family members represented.  When someone came home, they were to move their pushpin to their picture, and then move it to another location when they left.  This way, when a member of the family came home, they would know (without having to announce themselves) who was home and who was not.

In order to "encourage" participation, you could have a drawing jar with house or yard chores in it — if someone gets caught NOT moving their pushpin, they have to draw from the jar and complete the task.  I know that I would be sure to move my pin if it kept me from having to do the dishes alone for five days!

So, Guys, go ahead and encourage your ladies to scrapbook — it can be helpful!

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Who’s Home? Scrapbooking for Safety

  1. Brenda Metcalf says:

    cute idea, love the photos of you guys!

  2. Mary Jackson says:

    This is a great idea! Thanks for the tip!

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