Firearms — to Touch or not to Touch?

For those of you that do not know anything beyond what the movies have taught you about firearms I implore you to learn more.

Whether or not you agree with owning or even using a firearm, everyone needs to know how safely handle one.  I say this because, regardless of your own thoughts on firearms, Americans are in love with them, and they possess them.  A quick Google search showed me that, statistically, one in every four homes in America has a firearm.  On a street with ten houses, on average two or three of these homes will possess at least one firearm.  It is speculated that the average firearm owner owns at least four guns. 

For this reason, even if you do not have one in your house, you should learn how to handle and disarm one safely.

Let's say a tornado hits your neighborhood, and another home's contents are strewn on your lawn.  Included in that mess are several firearms — both handguns and rifles.  You know that your neighbor is out of town and the authorities are busy helping people on the other side of town.  Do you know how to safely collect these firearms so that they will not be accidentally discharged? 

You could say, "Well, I’ll just wait for someone else to come and pick them up." 

Then the questions you need to ask yourself are, "Do you know that this person will know how to safely handle the firearms?  Are they helping your neighbor or stealing from him?" 

These may seem to be extreme examples, but one that is more likely is that a child could “play” with one and hurt him or herself or someone else. 

I encourage and implore everyone to know how to safely handle firearms so that you are better equipped to keep you and your family safe. 

The question becomes, though, "How can you learn how to do this safely?

Here are a few suggestions:

  • Contact a local gun store.  Many of them know of or have someone that will teach you the basics of firearms safety. 
  • Ask a friend or coworker that you know is knowledgeable about firearms and that you trust to show you. 
  • The last, and in my opinion, the best way for a person without any knowledge to gain this skill is to take a NRA Basic Pistol Shooting Course.  This course gives you the basics that can be transferred to almost all types of firearms, and it is conducted in a very safe environment.  You can locate a class in your area by looking on the NRA website in the course search section.

Please pray about this and see if you are supposed to gain this knowledge.

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