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Bartering and Ministry in times of Crisis

As someone who has lived through multiple large scale disasters as well as worked and lived in a long term training replicating third world living conditions after a major disaster, I have a few points that I would like to throw … Continue reading

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Planting Potatoes for the FIRST Time, Oh My…

What better time to plant potatoes than St. Patrick's Day?  I know, I know…potatoes originated somewhere else, but they certainly have a heydey in Ireland! So…this year, we planted potatoes…for the first time.  I was a little timid… so I … Continue reading

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Kefir — Wonder Food

It's true. Kefir is a wonder food. "I wonder what kefir is!" "I wonder why in the heck someone would actually drink that!" "I wonder what good it will do my body today?" When I first heard about kefir, I … Continue reading

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