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Bartering and Ministry in times of Crisis

As someone who has lived through multiple large scale disasters as well as worked and lived in a long term training replicating third world living conditions after a major disaster, I have a few points that I would like to throw … Continue reading

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Who’s Home? Scrapbooking for Safety

What happens when you come home from work in the evening, go in the door, and things just don't look right?  Worse, what if you come home, and your front door is standing wide open, but you know for certain … Continue reading

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Life without a Whistle?

A whistle is not such an important item in everyday life, or is it? Today, I was thinking about a story I heard years ago about a lady in the Tampa, Florida area who was sideswiped and drove her car off … Continue reading

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You Can Make a Difference — Get Trained!

Each of us has been affected by trauma in some way, shape, or form.  Perhaps you've lost a loved one been in an accident lived through a hurricane or tornado experienced combat been the victim of some act of violence.  … Continue reading

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Firearms — to Touch or not to Touch?

For those of you that do not know anything beyond what the movies have taught you about firearms I implore you to learn more. Whether or not you agree with owning or even using a firearm, everyone needs to know … Continue reading

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Why Prepare as a Christian

In my wanderings of the web, I have seen that most people are seemingly preparing so that they may survive “IT” to start over or some such thing. I challenge every Christian to prepare so that they may have life, … Continue reading

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Two Cents are Not Created Equal

Here’s a tip for people who are concerned about long term disruptions of service, do not have a lot of resources to invest do have a little bit of time. Let’s check out your coinage.  Who doesn’t have a jar … Continue reading

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