Life without a Whistle?

A whistle is not such an important item in everyday life, or is it?

Today, I was thinking about a story I heard years ago about a lady in the Tampa, Florida area who was sideswiped and drove her car off a bridge.  She was stuck in her car for almost a week.  After she was rescued, she said that she had heard numerous people walking by her car, but she could not get anyone's attention due to the road noise.  If she had only had a whistle she would have been able to draw their attention and get the help that was desperately needed.  I have heard many stories over the years where people have been rescued because they had a way to draw attention of other individuals.

Whistles are commonly used by hikers for search parties to locate them.   The code that they use is:

  • ONE whistle blast = STOP!  Wherever you are and wait.
  • TWO whistle blasts = STOP!  And move towards whoever blew the whistle.
  • THREE whistle blasts = STOP!  And move QUICKLY towards whoever blew the whistle they may be injured.

May you never need to use this knowledge, but I pray that it will come to you quickly and that you will have a whistle handy should you ever need it.

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Life without a Whistle?

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