Life, Regardless.

Who are we???

We are Jesus-followers, spouses, lovers, partners, friends, parents, children, siblings, educators, individuals…. 

We live a little sideways compared to most of American culture.  We are debt-free, self-reliant, ministering, and mold-breakers

If you were to look at us, you might not recognize us as “preppers.”  That’s partly because we’re about more than just preparing, more than just survival or "hunker in the bunker" when TEOTWAWKI happens.  Our heart is to be prepared and to help prepare others so that when crisis comes (because it will come), we are able to continue serving and ministering.  Life continues…regardless of natural disasters, economic crisis, loss of a job or a loved one.  We want to help you and others get your “house in order,” so that you, too, can move on with life, regardless.

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