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Bartering and Ministry in times of Crisis

As someone who has lived through multiple large scale disasters as well as worked and lived in a long term training replicating third world living conditions after a major disaster, I have a few points that I would like to throw … Continue reading

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Bug out Bag Part 2: A Practical list of Food & Water items to Include in your Bug out Bag

I am covering the below points from the following perspectives: You are going to be unable to get help from anywhere else but from the bag. You are going to need to live out of it for three days (72 … Continue reading

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Why Prepare as a Christian

In my wanderings of the web, I have seen that most people are seemingly preparing so that they may survive “IT” to start over or some such thing. I challenge every Christian to prepare so that they may have life, … Continue reading

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Food for Thought

I like food.  Truth…Bottom line…Unequivocally so…Period.  I am not one of those "eat to live" kind of people.  Not that I "live to eat," but good food is just that — good…and I definitely believe it is a gift from … Continue reading

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Getting Your Strategy on — THE Three BIG Questions

Really.  Do you need a strategy for preparing for a disaster? Fifty pounds each of beans and rice should do the trick, right?       Ha!   If this is your answer, we really need to talk. It may seem trite, but … Continue reading

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Why be Prepared?

“Why be prepared?” I get asked that one a lot by friends and strangers alike. There are many ways to answer that question. Time permitting, I tell them that I see it as plain.old.common.sense.  What makes more sense than to … Continue reading

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