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Bartering and Ministry in times of Crisis

As someone who has lived through multiple large scale disasters as well as worked and lived in a long term training replicating third world living conditions after a major disaster, I have a few points that I would like to throw … Continue reading

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Bug out Bag Part 2: A Practical list of Food & Water items to Include in your Bug out Bag

I am covering the below points from the following perspectives: You are going to be unable to get help from anywhere else but from the bag. You are going to need to live out of it for three days (72 … Continue reading

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Barter Anyone?

  This is a list of some possible items that you might have extra of in your house to trade with if something were to happen that would require operating in a bater economy.  We encourage people to buy only … Continue reading

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To Flare or not to Flare

In a crisis situation, flares are great items to have if you need to get some attention.  Yes, we've talked about needing a whistle to get attention, but I believe that a flare can be a great thing to have with you … Continue reading

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How NOT to Look Like the Neighborhood Nutcase as You Prepare

“How do you NOT look like the neighborhood nut case and still get ready for a crisis in your life?”    I was asked this question earlier this week. The short answer I give for this question is you can get prepared … Continue reading

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