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Bartering and Ministry in times of Crisis

As someone who has lived through multiple large scale disasters as well as worked and lived in a long term training replicating third world living conditions after a major disaster, I have a few points that I would like to throw … Continue reading

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How to Prepare an Emergency Bug Out Bag (Part 1)

Why you need a 72-Hour Bug Out Bag If you have to evacuate your home during a voluntary or mandatory evacuation, you probably won’t have time to think through what to pack, let alone locate all the essential items quickly … Continue reading

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How to Use FEMA in Your Church Ministry

Once your church has decided to set up some sort of disaster ministry, one of the first things that I encourage your team to do is take several Federal Emergency Management ACT (FEMA) courses.  Like it or not, FEMA is the one in … Continue reading

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Can you shut it off?

The great advantages  of a modern home (water, electricity, & natural gas) can become great disadvantages if they're not properly managed after a disastrous event occurs.  The word of the day is prevention, prevention, prevention! If you suspect damage after an … Continue reading

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You Can Make a Difference — Get Trained!

Each of us has been affected by trauma in some way, shape, or form.  Perhaps you've lost a loved one been in an accident lived through a hurricane or tornado experienced combat been the victim of some act of violence.  … Continue reading

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