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Firearms — to Touch or not to Touch?

For those of you that do not know anything beyond what the movies have taught you about firearms I implore you to learn more. Whether or not you agree with owning or even using a firearm, everyone needs to know … Continue reading

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Why Prepare as a Christian

In my wanderings of the web, I have seen that most people are seemingly preparing so that they may survive “IT” to start over or some such thing. I challenge every Christian to prepare so that they may have life, … Continue reading

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Two Cents are Not Created Equal

Here’s a tip for people who are concerned about long term disruptions of service, do not have a lot of resources to invest do have a little bit of time. Let’s check out your coinage.  Who doesn’t have a jar … Continue reading

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How NOT to Look Like the Neighborhood Nutcase as You Prepare

“How do you NOT look like the neighborhood nut case and still get ready for a crisis in your life?”    I was asked this question earlier this week. The short answer I give for this question is you can get prepared … Continue reading

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Why be Prepared?

“Why be prepared?” I get asked that one a lot by friends and strangers alike. There are many ways to answer that question. Time permitting, I tell them that I see it as plain.old.common.sense.  What makes more sense than to … Continue reading

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