A Bit About Us

I (Andrew) have spent my years as a jack of all trades – from stocking grocery store shelves, to working security, to warehousing, to teaching.  All the while, my spare time was spent researching preparedness and renewable energy.

Growing up in Florida gave me years of experience in preparing for and responding to disasters.  (Gotta love hurricanes!)  Through it all, though, I realized that I didn’t have a “survivalist” passion.  There was more to preparing than just hunkering down.  Post-crisis, people need help.

My heart, primarily, is to help more Christians become equipped and prepared, so that in the face of disaster, they are able to minister to the world around them.

My (Carrie’s) story is a bit different.  Preparedness was only on my radar growing up when my mother would buy extra food to keep on hand for when things got hard.  That was the extent of it for me.

Marrying Andrew opened my eyes to a whole.new.world.  I was willing to let it be his thing, but of course, living with someone who breathes this type of stuff can’t help but rub off on you.  I could spout some information when he wasn’t around to answer questions that came up, but it was still his thing.  God had other plans, though.  He used a 9-week off-grid training course in crisis response to get us on the same page.

So here I am, with a heart and a desire to help people get themselves prepared so that they can, in turn, help others.  I’m all about that airplane oxygen mask thing – if you don’t put your own on first, you might not make it to help someone else get theirs on, too.

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